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CHEN Minsheng

Party Secretary

Professor of Cardiovasology, Public Health Policy and Management


LI Mengfeng

Professor of Medical Microbiology

Vice President,in charge of SMU daily administrative affairs.


CHANG Jiajie

Deputy Secretary of Organization, Publicity, Cultural Construction, Trade Unions.


GAO Tianming

Professor of Neurobiology

Vice President of Science & Technology, Graduate Education , University Publications .


WEN Mingang

Professor of Medical Education & Management

Vice President of Development Planning,Undergraduate Education,Overseas Education,Discipline Constructio​.


XIONG Menghui

Vice President of Human Resources,Financial Management,Assets Management,Industralization & Tech-Transferring.


NING Xizhou

Vice President of Security Management,Shunde Campus,Alumni,Educational Development Foundation,Informatics Management.



Vice President of Hospital Management,Laboratories & Equipments Management,Continuing Education.


YANG Haiwen

Vice President of Logistic Management, International Relations, Infrastructure Management.

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