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Catalog of Programs for International Students

Bachelor’s Degree Programs for International
Bachelor of Medicine
1. * Clinical Medicine (English Medium)
2. Basic Medicine Sciences
3. Clinical Medicine
4. Clinical Medicine (Clinical Pathology, Clinical Psychology, Maternal and Child Health Care, Transfusion Medicine)
5. Stomatology
6. Radiology
7. Traditional Chinese Medicine
8. Traditional Chinese Medicine(Acupuncture and Moxibustion)
9. Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine
10. Preventive Medicine
11. Forensic Medicine
Bachelor of Science
11. Medical Experiment
12. Medical Laboratory
13. Pharmacology
14. Pharmacology (Pharmaceutical Preparation, Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
15. Clinical Pharmacology
16. Traditional Chinese Pharmacology
17. Traditional Chinese Medicine Processing
18. Nursing
19. Midwifery
20. Bioinformatics
21. Biotechnology
22. Biotechnology(Biopharmacy)
23. Rehabilitation Medicine
24. Applied Psychology
25. Applied Statistics (Biostatistics)
Bachelor of Engineering
26. Bioengineering (Medical Imaging Engineering, Medical Information Engineering, Medical Equipments Inspection, Medical Physicist, Medical Electronic Engineering)
Bachelor of Management
27. Public Affairs Management (Hospital Management)
Bachelor of Law
28. Law
29. Law (Health Supervision and Management)
Bachelor of Economics
30. Economics(Health Economics, Medicine Trading)
Bachelor of Arts
31. English (Medical English, English Translation)
32. Business English
★with * only for English Medium, others are all Chinese Medium.
The school length for Bachelor of Medicine Degree students(Chinese Medium) is 5 years, Clinical Medicine(English Medium) is 6 years, others are 4 years.
Master’s Degree and Doctor’s Degree Programs for International Students
Doctor /Master
of Medicine
Clinical Medicine
1. Internal Medicine (Cardiovascular Diseases, Hematology, Respiratory Diseases, Digestive Diseases, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, Nephrology, Rheumatology, Infectious Diseases)
2. Pediatrics
3. Geriatrics
4. Neurology
5. Psychopathy and Psychiatry
6. Dermatology and Venereology
7. Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
8. Clinic Analysis and Laboratory Diagnosis
9. Surgery (General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Urology, Cardio -Thoracic Surgery, Neuro-surgery, Plastic Surgery, Burns Surgery)
10. Obstetrics & Gynecology
11. Ophthalmology
12. Otorhinolaryngology
13. Oncology
14. Rehabilitation Medicine &Physiotherapy
15. Anesthesiology
16. Emergency Medicine
17. * Stomatology
Basic Medical Sciences
18. Human Anatomy and Histology and Embryology
19. Immunology
20.Pathogenic Biology
21. Pathology and Pathological Physiology
22. Forensic Medicine
23. Radioactive Medicine
Public Health and Preventive Medicine
24. Epidemiology and Health Statistics
25. Occupational and Environmental Health
26. Nutrition and Food Hygiene
27. Maternal-Child and Adolescent Health
28. Hygienic Toxicology
29. Military Preventive Medicine
of Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine
30. Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine
31. Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine
32. Surgery of Traditional Chinese Medicine
33. Orthopedics of Traditional Chinese Medicine
34. Gynecology of Traditional Chinese Medicine
35. Pediatrics of Traditional Chinese Medicine
36. Ophthalmology and Otolaryngoloy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
37. Acupuncture and Massage Therapy
Integrative Medicine
38. Pre-clinical Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine
39. Clinical Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine
40. Pharmacochemistry
41. Pharmaceutics
42. Pharmacognosy
43. Pharmaceutical Analysis
44. Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmacy
45. Pharmacology
Chinese Pharmacology
46. Chinese Pharmacology
Special Medicine
47. Special Medicine
48. Nursing
of Science
49. Zoology
50. Physiology
51. Microbiology
52. Neurobiology
53. Genetics
54. Developmental Biology
55. Cell-biology
56. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
57. Biomedical Engineering
Doctor /Master
of Management
Public Management
58. * Social Medicine and Public Health Management
59. Public Health Policy
Master of Education
60. * Applied Psychology
★with * only for Chinese Medium Master Degree Candidates
★The schooling length for Master/Doctor Degree Candidates is 3 years; for general and senior scholars is 1 year