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SMU comprises 2 campuses covering an area of 176 hectare in total. Its main campus is located in the Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, and its new campus in Shunde District, Foshan City. SMU has 17 schools, 6 affiliated hospitals, 47 non-directly affiliated hospitals.

SMU currently has 19,540 on-campus students, including 1,263 doctorate candidates, 2,992 master degree candidates, 13,543 undergraduate students, 832 college students(3ys) and 910 international students as well. Apart from that, there are over 19,000 off-campus students attending SMU courses via correspondence and online classroom.

SMU Provides diverse teaching programs including 75 M.D and Ph.D degree programs, 98 Master degree programs and 30 bachelor degree programs undermulti-disciplines ranging from medicine, technology, engineering, law, management, education to economics and builds up main discipline clusters: Integrated Medical Science & Medical Engineering, Integrated Medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biological high-technology, Public Health & Preventive Medicine .Education combined with R&D has paved its way in the university .

SMU has a faculty body of 14,381 (1,991 from university and 12,390 from hospitals), consisting of 629 professorsand 1026 associated professors. 1,701 out of 14,381 are full-time teachers (365 professors and 546 associated professors).