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Student Learning Support Center


Student Learning Support Center, set up in January 3rd, 2014, is the youngest and also the largest pure academic service organization of Southern Medical University.

The center is located on the fourth floor of the library in Shunde campus. It has a volunteer service counter, providing on-site reservation service. Besides, it has 4 study rooms and discussion rooms, which is an integrated platform providing various learning styles such as discussion, academic enquiry, salon and so on. All the services are for free.

Student Learning Support Center aims at setting up a platform and mechanism for interaction between teachers and students, extending learning space for students’ individual learning and development, offering help to students when they have difficulties in study, and giving support to students for them to know and get used to the reform of teaching and learning pattern and method. Particularly, the center is intended to bridge the communication between the main campus and Shunde campus, provide policy guidance and supporting conditions for teachers and students’ after-class communication and tutoring, and strengthen the interaction between teachers and students, as well as the interaction between the students of the main campus and those of the Shunde campus.

Student Learning Support Center of SMU provide the following services in seven forms:

Academic Enquiry

Policy consultation

Study room reservation

Opening Morning Reading Rooms

Learning Salon

Learning Extension

Lifelong University