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Sino-Portugal Master Program


Master of Science Focus on Healthcare Area is a joint master program between Southern Medical University (SMU) and ISCTE Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE-IUL). The program adopts the combined learning mode of domestic study and overseas-study, aiming to cultivate diversified talents with international vision, and providing an international development platform for medical students and students who are interested in managerial area. Established in May 2011, the program has recruited and educated five cohorts of students. Students can choose to study Management, Economics, Finance, Human Resources Management or Marketing as needed during their second year in ISCTE-IUL. Those who have passed their graduation defense are awarded the Master of Science Diploma by ISCTE-IUL as well as the Foreign Education and Degree Recognition Certificate by Service Center for Scholarly Exchange of Ministry of Education, China.

Among our graduates, 58% of which choose to stay in Europe, working in foreign companies, Chinese transnational corporations or pursuing their PhD, dual master degree and exchange study. 42% return to China to work in Administration Department of Healthcare Bureau and hospitals, banks, foreign companies, or to start a business.