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Sino-Portugal Ph. D Program


The Doctor of Management in Healthcare Program (hereinafter referred to as doctoral program) is cooperated by China Southern Medical University and ISCTE Lisbon University Institute. The program is up-to-date the first one and the only one sino-foreign doctoral degree program in "public healthcare policy and management" which certified by Chinese Ministry of Education. The ratification number is MOE44PT1A20121213N.

With the purpose of acquiring a better integration of education advantages in both SMU and ISCTE-IUL, this doctoral program puts efforts to provide a platform for the advanced managers working in medical health and already owned master degrees, to study, communicate and research internationally. Thereby, both universal and particular problems meet in the management practices of medical health can be researched by these managers more systematically and deeply. This doctoral program also commits to qualify comprehensive medical health management talents with global vision, strategic insight, scientific management, and scientific research ability. The ultimate aim of this program is to help and promote the reform and development of medical health services, and it’s management and education.

Since the start, adhering to the rigorous and scientific academic research approach and standard teaching management, this doctor program earns highly popularity and good reputation in the intra-industry and even internationally. Moreover, more and more medical health management elites and related industry managers from different provinces and regions all over the country pay attentions, trust, and join in this program. So far, among the students that enrolled and training in this program, 50% of them are hospital presidents, vice presidents, and department managers from different provinces, cities and regions in the country; 20% of them are advanced managers worked in medical investment group/company, medicine/medical instrument manufacture, and distribution enterprise; 25% of them are senior managers from administrative department of medical health, or researchers and managers from medical universities; the rest of 5% of them are from publishing industry, legal profession, banking sector, and IT sector.