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SMU is the one of the 13 medical university authorized by the Ministry of Education to run the pilot 8-year medical education program. It became one of the first universities authorized to run “Excellent Clinical Doctors Education” by the ministry in 2013. Currently, the university has 17 affiliated schools, offering 29 undergraduate specialties, with a teacher-to-student ratio of 15:23. The university has been undertaking 57 national high quality projects for talent cultivation. To date, SMU has 19,540 active full-time students, including 14,375 undergraduates, 1,263 doctoral degree candidates, 2,992 master’s degree candidates and 910 international students and a total number of 26,621 students for continuing education programs.

or the recent consecutive two years, the university has been ranked the top in terms of the number of National Teaching Achievement Award. Right now, SMU is the National Continuing Education Base for Medical Professionals and one of the four National Entry Examination Bases for Cardiologic Specialty, the first Guangdong provincial Examination and Examiner’s Training Base for Clinical Skills. In recent years, SMU is ranked the first in terms of the number of the National and Provincial Excellent Doctoral Dissertations. Her undergraduates have won the first-class prize for their scientific works in the “Challenge Cup” National College Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition and the gold prize for “Challenge Cup” National College Students Entrepreneurship Competition for the recent 7 years consecutively.