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Digitalized Equipment of Diagnosis and Treatment Engineering Research Center Ministry of Education




In 2007, being approved by the Ministry of education, the establishment of Engineering Research Center of Digital Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment has carried out with sincere concern and strong support from leaders in the Ministry of education, Guangdong province and Southern Medical University. Relying on Southern Medical University (formerly the FirstMilitaryMedicalUniversity) as the main technology base, our engineering research center is also combined with Guangdong Southern Medical Science and TechnologyDevelopmentCenter as well as Guangzhou Yi Cheng Digital Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

Related to Generic Technology of Digital Diagnostic Equipment, the EngineeringResearchCenter has formed its advantages as High Temporal-Spatial Resolution Medical Imaging, Medical Imaging and Big Data Analysis, Radiation Imaging Equipment Devices and Large-scale Medical Equipment Detection. We also built an interdisciplinary research and innovation team led by Professor Chen Wufan. And we established three technology platform, including digital medical equipment and software technology development platform, Digital medical equipment embedded platform, Standardized equipment and detection technology platform. Our team has strong ability of engineering and industrial development, and also promotes the discipline and talents development.

Research Direction

High Temporal-Spatial Resolution – A New Method of Medical Imaging

Key Technology of Medical Imaging and Big Data Analysis

Generic Technology of Radiation Imaging Equipment Devices

Key Technology of Large-scale Medical Equipment Detection

Research Characteristics

Completed the construction of three technology platform, including digital medical equipment and software technology development platform, Digital medical equipment embedded platform, Standardized equipment and detection technology platform.

Combined the Basic Research with product development, turning the achievements into a remarkable success

Research Team

There are a total of 48 faculties members in the laboratory. The average age of the research team is 40 years old, 62% of the team members with senior titles, 96% of them with master’s degree or doctor's degree, over 24% of them with oversea education background. There are 6 doctoral supervisors, 22 postgraduate supervisors, 3 specialists who enjoy special government allowances, 1 premier scientist funded with the National 973 Project.

Among the center committee of experts, there are 2 members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 5 overseas guest professors.

Since 2007, we have cultivated over 30 doctoral students and more than 120 graduate students.

Research Achievements

Scientific Projects

Since 2007, our lab has been responsible for 42 projects and obtained 3902 Yuan research funding, which include 1 National 973 Project, 2 National Science and Technology Supporting Programs, 1 National Key Instrument Special Program, 1 Key Project of Natural Science Foundation of China, 15 projects of Natural Science Foundation of China

Since 2007, besides being responsible for the national projects, the lab has carried out the construction of platform’s function, laboratory equipments, supporting facilities as well as the experimental environment. The laboratory raised nearly 6, 300, 000 Yuan funds for research platform construction from various ways.

Scientific Publication

Since 2007, focusing on the common and key issues related to the development of biomedical engineering industry in China, the engineering center summarized its research characteristics. During the construction period, a total of 300 papers were published on the academic journals at home and abroad, such as IEEE, Transactions on Medical Imaging, Medical Image Analysis, Medical Physics and so on. Among them, 107 articles have been included in SCI and EI. More than 20 scientific awards were achieved, including a number of awards such as the Second Prize of National Natural Science Award, the First Prize of provincial and ministerial level award as well as 31 national invention patents.

Exchange and Study Programs

exchanging visits

Since 2006, the engineering center has held international conferences for 3 times, with over 450 participants. Over 50 staffs participated in various international academic conferences. In order to achieve technical cooperation and talents exchanges, our center established the research cooperation with University of North Carolina in America, State University of New York at Stony Brook and Imperial College London in United Kingdom.

Industry Transformation

The engineering center acts as an "incubator center" for two companies. They are Guangzhou Medical Equipment and Comprehensive testing Co. Ltd. of Southern Medical University and Guangzhou Yi Cheng Digital Medical Systems Co., Ltd. The two companies produce direct economic benefits of over 45,000,000 Yuan. Engineering center actively cooperate with relevant enterprises to understand the technical needs and provide technical support for enterprise. Now the center established a cooperative relationship with a series of companies such as Beijing Tianzhihang Medical Technologies Co., Ltd, Ningbo Xingaoyi Group Limited, Neusoft Corporation, Zhuhai Hokai Medical Imaging Equipment Co. Ltd and so on. There are multiple achievements for the transfer.