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Laboratory of Pharmaceutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine


1. Laboratory Introduction

The Chinese Medicinal Preparation Key Laboratory of Guangdong Province was founded in 2005, which was transformed from the Chinese Medicinal Preparation Key Laboratory of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. The laboratory has been long engaged in exploiting and research of the Chinese medicinal emergency preparation and practical and fundamental study on medicine specialized in clearing heat and resolving toxin. HSPL against respiratory virus infections and 葛根芩连微丸against virus diarrhea, developed by researchers, is ranked as the emergency necessity Chinese patent medicine of China due to its good therapeutic effect, which along with the independently developed anti - inflammatory suppository for children has been listed as the variety in the pharmacopeia. The independently developed Uremic clearance granule has the annual output value about 300 million Yuan. The multiple new Chinese medicines developed by the laboratory have brought both economic and social benefits. In the recent three years, the laboratory continues to undertake the fundamental and development studies on new preparations and forms of drugs, yielding fruitful research products. The laboratory has three “the third level” laboratories, namely Chinese medicinal preparation, Chinese medicine pharmacology and molecular biology of the National Chinese Medicine Administrative Bureau. Based on the present research platform, there are two key disciplines of the National Chinese Medicine Administrative Bureau, namely Chinese medicine pharmaceutics and pharmacology.

2 Research orientation

u Inherit and develop the traditional Chinese medicine and compound preparation which own clinical advantages, undertaking studies on new preparations and forms of drugs through multiple-path drug administration in Chinese medicine.

u Focus on the research pertaining to substance basis of well-known Chinese compound prescription and physiological disposition, undertake studies on the relevance of the substance basis of Chinese medicine to the theory of prescription compatibility, and undertake studies on new Chinese medicines and new methods specific to standards of compound Chinese patent medicine.

u Based on the properties specific to raw materials of Chinese medicine preparation in prescriptions, namely compatibility law, medicinal formula theory, and physical and chemical property, and clinical requirements as well, to raise bioavailability of preparations, make different forms of drugs reach intellectualized and humanized purposes of drug administration, and make effects and drug properties and functions of preparation prescriptions and clinical prescriptions unified.

u According to actual requirements of new Chinese medicinal preparation and new forms of drugs, undertake evaluative research on effectiveness and safety of new preparation and forms of drugs pertaining to the entirety, organs, cells and even molecular level.

3 Research features

u Second exploiting and research of Chinese medicine injection

u Studies on drug detoxification through compound Chinese medicine treatment.

4 Research team

◆The laboratory has 30 academic staff, among which 28 are permanent and 2 are part-time. The age composition of the permanent staff is: 13 ones are from 30 to 40 years old, constituting 46%; 5 are from 41 to 50, constituting 18%; 10 are above 51 years old, constituting 36%. The professional title composition is: doctoral supervisors are 9; master supervisors are 13; 13 ones are professors, constituting 46%; associate professors are 12, constituting 43%; professors and associate professors under 45 are 14, constituting 50%. In recent three years, two staff have been promoted as doctoral supervisors; two have been promoted as master supervisors. The composition of academic degrees is 5 bachelors, 7 masters and 16 doctors.

◆Visiting staff and post-doctoral fellows

Currently having appointed visiting professors from Hong Kong Baptist University, University of California and Virginia Commonwealth University, one from each respectively; in terms of the post-doctoral program, having recruited 4 post-doctoral fellows in total, among which 3 have finished their post-doctoral research projects successfully.

From 2011 until the present, the laboratory has enrolled 137 postgraduates, among which 29 are doctoral candidates; 174 ones have graduated, among which 41 are doctors, and 13 postgraduates in total have been awarded the national scholarship.

5 Research

On-going Projects

From 2011 to 2013, undertaking one three-term key discipline construction of 211 Project of Guangdong Province, one featured and key discipline construction project, one the National Science and Technology Major Project(significant new medicine innovation and production), three projects of the National Natural Science Key Foundation, 21 projects of the General Program and the Young Scholar Foundation in the National Natural Science Foundation of China; 3 projects of the Production, Study and Research Integration Program of Guangdong Province, among which one project is the key one; 7 projects of Guangdong Province Science and Technology Program; 5 projects of Guangdong Province Natural Science Foundation; and 29 projects of other programs at municipal and bureau levels. In the last three years, the new Longitudinal research funding has been accumulated nearly to 51,460,000 Yuan. There are 13 projects of horizontal programs with enterprise cooperation with the amount of contract value as 5,400,000 Yuan. A new medicine is undergoing the clinical research.

Scientific research achievements
The laboratory has harvested great breakthrough achievements in the basic research of Chinese herbal compound preparations. In the year of 2011, the lab was granted the second prize of China Association of Chinese Medicine Scientific and Technological Progress Award for their research in the Composition Principles of Ephedra Decoction. For recent 3 years, the researchers have published more than 300 papers including 32 SCI ones, among which two papers were published in the journals with its influencing factor of more than 5 points.

6. Friendly cooperation
Open research projects
The researchers of the laboratory help to direct the researchers from other institutes or colleges. As a whole, the lab has been cooperating with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountai & Hutchison Whampoa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., LIVZON Limin Pharmaceutical Factory, Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Group in totally 17 joint projects, achieving economical and social gains.

The laboratory attaches great importance to research and technological exchanges with other institutions, with the experts invited to delivery lectures in other institutes or colleges or enterprises. Importantly, 6 researchers from the lab have been participating in joint projects with the research institutes of the U.S., Singapore and Hong Kong.

7. Copyrights
The researchers in the laboratory have successfully registered 23 patents for their researches in the effective ingredients of Chinese medicinal compound preparations and some of the patented technology has gained evident social fames and economical effects for the university.

8. Transfer of research achievements
The laboratory has gained a great success in supporting and cooperating with the enterprises of Guangdong Province by transferring its scientific research achievements. For three years, it has prepared 35 raw granule materials for animal medicine by Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., and furthermore, it worked out the criteria for its production technology and quality. The laboratory has established the procedure for fast detection of calcium and phosphorous from animal medicine, which can be used for quality control of animal medicine and preparations and has gained the national invention patent. Besides, the lab has established an anaphylactoid reaction screening model, in which the safeties of Xueshuantong (a thrombolystic agent) and Andrographitis injections by LIVZON Limin Pharmaceutical Factory are enhanced.