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Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Issue Fabrication and Detection




Guangdong Key Laboratory of tissue construction and detection was established in 2001. Over three year’s construction, the laboratory passed acceptance inspection in October 2005. Relying on Southern Medical University, our laboratory took tissue-engineering medical product construction and detection as its research direction, which is full of innovation potential and the high-tech industrialization prospect. The laboratory has provided a good platform for biomedical research in Guangdong province.

At present, led by professor QiuXiaozhong, the team focus on the study of tissue construction and detection, carry out research work related to bone tissue engineering, skin tissue engineering, nerve tissue engineering, tumor tissue engineering and muscle tissue engineering research. In addition, the research team also studied the biological safety of different biological materials and its role in tumor targeting therapy.

Research Direction

tissue engineering


biological detection

Research Characteristics

Attaching equal importance to the pilot study and application of basic research; being based on the pilot study to support application of basic research

Research priorities: material-cell interactions; In vitro three-dimensional structure and testing

Research Team

There are 14 teaching fellows in the laboratory, including 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 3 lecturers, 1 technicians and 1 management personnel.78% of them are under the age of 45, and 85% get the PhD degree.

Floating personnel:
We employed one visiting professor and 4 distinguished professors in the lab. The visiting professor is Wang Guobao,
Deputy director of nephrology department in Nanfang Hospital; The 4 distinguished professors are Professor Kong Jiming and Assistant Professor Xing Mengqiu from University of Manitoba, Professor Yang Zhimou from Nankai University, and Research fellow Gao Xueyun from Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Since 2005, we have cultivated over 270 doctoral students and more than 280 graduate students.

Research Achievements

Scientific Projects

Between 2006 and 2014, our lab was responsible for 59 research projects and obtained 28857,900 Yuan research funding, which included 2 National 973 Projects, 1 subtopic of National 973 Project1 major program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China1 key program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 18 Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 Special Projects on Science and Technology Program of Guangdong Province, and 31 Provincial projects

Scientific Publications

Since 2006, as the first unit, a total of 179 SCI papers were published, which included 3 articles with IF10, 19 articles with IF between 6 and 10. Our team have won more than 20 scientific awards, which included 1 Second prize of National Natural Science Award, 3 first prize at the provincial or ministerial level, and 21 national invention patents.

Exchange and Study Programs

Project and visiting scholar fund

During the recent three years, our lab set up special funds to support research projects (50,000 Yuan for one project), a total of five projects were established and the research circle was 2 years. With the support of open funds, the winners got 3 youth projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, published 5 SCI papers as well as 6 papers of domestic core journal.

Speeches and conferences

Since 2006a total of 50 domestic and foreign experts and scholars have delivered a speech in our lab. About 30 teachers and students have participated to all kinds of conferences, including more than 20 participants to nearly 50 international academic conferences.

Our lab have carried out extensive scientific research cooperation with Institute of High Energy Physics of Chinese Academy of SciencesTechnical institute of physics and chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jinan University, South China university of technology, Nankai university, and Beijing traditional Tibetan hospital. Our team has long-term cooperation with Professor Xing mengqiu and Professor Zhongwen from University of Manitoba. We applied the projects together, offered learning opportunities to exchange students and established China-Canada Joint Laboratory based on the State Key Laboratory.

Academic Conference

In September 2011, as the executive chairman, Professor Yuanlin participated the 407th Xiangshan Science Conference Academic Seminar on the theme of “fascia study”.

In 2014, Professor QiuXiaozhong organized the national tissue engineering and biomechanics Summit Forum.