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Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Molecular Tumor Pathology



Department of Pathology takes on the task of pathological diagnosis, teaching and scientific research and consists of Department of Pathology in School of Basic Medical Sciences, Department of Pathology in Nanfang Hospital, Guangdong Molecular Tumor Pathology Key Laboratory and SMU-Huayin Pathology Diagnosis Center. All the above departments are in the integrated network. Department of Pathology is among the first batch of National Clinical Key Specialty, and was awarded National Key Nurturing Subject, National Pathologist Training Base, National Quality Course Subject, Excellent Teaching Team Subject at National Level, Guangdong Provincial Key Subject, Key Laboratory of “Transcriptomics and Functional Proteomics of Critical Diseases” by Ministry of Education and Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Molecular Tumor Pathology. Department of Pathology is also the chosen site of president of Chinese Pathologist Association, vice president of Chinese Society of Pathology and Society of Tumor Metastasis, China Anti-Cancer Association. Department of Pathology was also authorized to offer doctoral degree and recruits post-doctors. At present, this discipline has developed into an influential integrated discipline in China, ranking the 1st and 2nd in basic medical science evaluation of 2010-2012. Department of Pathology, and Nanfang Hospital ranking top 10 in 2011-2013 comprehensive evaluation of pathology department in hospitals.

Research Directions

1) Studies on molecular mechanism of metastasis in colorectal cancer

2) Quantitative pathology and visualization of tumor

3) Studies on molecular mechanism of the lymphoma differentiation

Research Features

Researches on molecular mechanisms and clinical applications of tumor metastasis are in the leading position in China. The achievements on identifying efficient metastasis-associated markers for cancer treatment or prognosis and illustrating novel molecular mechanism of tumor metastasis were published on GastroenterolIF=12.8212013, GUTIF=10.7322013, OncogeneIF=8.5592014, Clin Cancer Res (IF= 8.1932014) and J Pathol (IF=7.332014). The researches provided new theory and treating strategies for tumor metastasis.

Research Team

There are 31 full-time research fellows, including 9 professors, 15 associate professors and 7 intermediate researchers. There are also 5 full-time experimental technicians, including 1 senior title experimentalist, 2 intermediate experimentalists and 2 junior title experimentalist. In addition, there are 9 doctoral supervisors and 15 master supervisors.

Prof. Zhou Weijie (from Michigan Medical School) and Prof. Shi Jian (from University of Kentucky ) were recruited into the research team.

Prof. Zhou Binhua (from University of Kentucky ), Prof. Liu Jinsong (from MD Anderson Cancer Center) and Prof. Gen Jianguo (from Michigan Medical School) were recruited as appointed professors of the research project. Prof. Lai Maode (Vice president of Zhejiang University and dean of Pathology Department), Prof. Bian Xiuwu (chief scientist of “973” project, Yangtze River Scholar and professor from The Third Military Medical University) and Prof. Zhang Hongquan (from Beijing University Health Science Center) were invited as visiting professors.

In recent 5 years, more than 150 post-doctoral researchers, doctoral and master candidates have been fostered and recruited. 1 postgraduate was given National Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award; 2 postgraduates were given National Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Nomination Award; 1 postgraduate was given Guangdong Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award; 1 faculty was given Pearl River Scholar title and won National Outstanding Youth Fund; 2 faculty members were enlisted into provincial “Qianbaishi Project” cultivate object; 4 faculty member won financial support from “National Outstanding Youth Cultivation Project” in Southern Medical University; and 3faculty members won financial support from Guangzhou “Pearl River Scholar” supporting program.


Research Projects

Since 2010, Department of Pathology has won 1 sub-project of critical foundation at national level, 2 sub-projects from “973” project, 1 joint key project from Chinese National Foundation for Natural Sciences, 34 natural sciences funds, 34 funds at provincial and ministerial level.

Research Accomplishments

Since 2010, as the first author affiliation, 82 SCI papers have been published by the faculty and staff in the laboratory, of which 3 papers are at IF>10, and 20 papers are at 5

Academic Exchanges

Open Research Projects and Visiting Scholar Fund

1.5 million yuan have been invested by the lab to set up 16 open research projects, including 1 key research project facing senior research fellows for critical accomplishments and 15 common projects facing talented youth for further discoveries. Joint cultivation of postgraduates was implemented and enterprise-commissioned researches were accepted. More than 40 graduates from Nanfang Hospital, Zhujiang Hospital, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University and Guangzhou Medical University were sponsered, and such research institutions as The Third Military Medical University, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Guangzhou Medical University, Shantou University, Xinxiang Medical University were provided technical support.

Mutual Visits

Scholars from US NIH, Harvard University, MD Anderson, Beijing University, The Third Military Medical University and Sun Yat-sen University were invited to make academic exchanges and short period visits. More than 40 Faculty members from our lab attended international academic conferences and national academic conferences, and 10 faculty members were invited to give reports, preside at proceedings and chair conferences. 5 faculty members went to US, Australia, Germany, South Africa and UK for international conferences, and 3 of them delivered their reports at meetings. 2 young faculty members went to Washington University and MD-Anderson for further learning, and 3 graduates went to Michigan University for joint cultivation.

Academic Conferences

11th National Nerve Pathology Explaining Seminar was held successfully. Renowned professors from MD Anderson, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Beijing University, Zhejiang University, Sichuan University, Tianjin Medical University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University delivered reports. 1st Clinical Pathology Union Conference of Southern Medical University was held, and more than 300 people, including president of Southern Medical University, renowned scholars and guests, faculty and staff from 10 Non-affiliated hospitals and teaching hospitals, Huayin Medical Testing Center and deans at various pathology departments.