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Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Medical Biomechanics



Guangdong Key Laboratory of Medical Biomechanics was founded in 1986. It was authorized to be the Key Laboratory of Medical Biomechanics of Chinese People’s Liberation Army in 1993. Since 2000, Trauma care research center of Guangdong was established based on this laboratory, along with 31 clinical scientific research basements, covering the major hospitals in Guangdong. Using basic research as guidance and closely connecting with clinical application, the laboratory has enhanced the entire level of trauma care in Guangdong. It was handed over to Guangdong Province along with the First Military Medical School as a whole. Then Guangdong Province Key Laboratory of Medical Biomechanics was founded, gaining support from the National 863 Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and key Research Project of Guangdong Province, etc. It has published nearly 100 high-grade articles including Spine, and developed cooperative relationship with nearly 500 organizations such as medical schools in major cities in mainland and Hongkong as well as many Department of Orthopedics of reputable hospitals, providing a high-level test platform of biomechanics which makes it a laboratory of biomechanics with certain popularity at home and abroad. In 2006, it was rated as "Excellent Key Laboratory of Guangdong” by Guangdong Science Department. At present, based on human anatomy, which is the national key disciplines of Southern Medical University, the laboratory has established the medical clinical anatomy, biomechanics, and digital medical research team.

Research Direction

Medical Biomechanics

Clinical Anatomy

Digital Medicine

Research Features

Pay equal attention to basic research and applied basic research, seeing clinical demand as the fundamental starting point to conduct clinical applied researches.

Research focus: Clinical applied Anatomy, Medical Biomechanics, Digital Medicine

Research Team

The research team has 1 Academician of China Engineering Academy (Professor Zhong Shizhen), 9 full professors, 8 associate professors, including 8 doctoral tutors and 13 master tutors.

Since 2011, there are 23 doctoral students and 25 master students graduated from our laboratory.

Scientific Researches

Undertaking Projects

Since 2011, the research team has undertaken 29 various projects including Project 863, National Natural Science and so on. It also has participated as a major member in Project 973, Project 863, National Natural Science Funding and many other important research projects with total research funding 18.735 million yuan.

Scientific Accomplishments

It was awarded 10 various levels of prizes including Dingying Science Prize and the First Prize from Guangdong Department of Science. It has published 51 SCI papers, with total impact factor of 125 points. It also has gained 3 national patents of invention and 8 patents for utility models. 3 editor or deputy editor textbook/ monographs have also been achieved.

Exchange and Communication

Open projects and visiting scholar fund

Our laboratory is an open laboratory. Taking the advantage of key discipline special funding, we have set up 10 open funds with 30,000 yuan for each project that mainly focuses on the research of biological materials building, injury repair and so on. With the support of the fund, related researchers have awarded 1 Youth Program of National Natural Scientific Funding, and published 5 SCI papers and 10 papers on domestic core journals.

Mutual visit and communication

Researchers in the laboratory communicate a lot and actively participate in the academic events home and abroad. 10 researchers including Ouyang Jun, Li Jianyi etc have made presentations or reports of scientific research results during these international meetings. The laboratory also actively invites famous domestic and national scholars to come to our laboratory for communicate.

Academic conference

National Tissue Engineering and Biomechanics Summit has been successfully held.