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Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Gastrointestinal Diseases



  • Aiming at tackling the common problems and technical bottleneck inhibiting tumor diagnosis and treatment equipment, Guangdong Radiation Diagnosis and Therapy Equipment Engineering Research Center is relying on Southern Medical University and concentrates on researches in key components in radiological imaging equipment, core technology in radiation therapy equipment and biomedical imaging processing. The center also carries out developments on common engineering and applied techniques with independent copyrights. Bas Based on these engineering-oriented, system-oriented and complementing-oriented researches, the research center is able to provide incentives in improving medical apparatus and instruments industry in Guangdong province and China. To cooperate with the Innovative Medical Equipment Application Project launched by Ministry of Science and Technology and Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the research center helps to establish radiation imaging evaluation system, which benefits the application promotion of the home-made Digital Radiography (DR).

Research Directions

Common key technologies of radiological imaging equipment

Common key technologies of radiation therapy equipment

Medical imaging processing technologies

Digital Radiography (DR) performance evaluation system

Research features

Key technology: focus on the common key technologies of radiological imaging equipment and radiation therapy equipment, break through the core components and key techniques inhibiting the radiation diagnosis equipment in China, and promote the overall radiation diagnosis equipment techniques.

Research focus: core component and common key techniques of radiological imaging and radiation therapy equipment.

Research Team

There are 5 faculty members in engineering center, including 3 professors, 1 associate professor and 1 lecturer, 60% of whom are PhDs or M.D.



Since 2010, the Engineering Center has undertaken 17 research projects at various levels. Research fund accumulates to 45.83 million yuan. Of all the research projects, 4 projects are at national level, the fund of which is 67.6% in all research funds. The major projects include 1 planned project from Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 civilian beneficial research project from Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 supporting project from Ministry of Science and Technology and 2 projects from Chinese National Foundation for Natural Sciences.

Research Accomplishments

Since 2010, with the engineering research center as the first author affiliation or the affiliation of corresponding authors, 19 SCI papers and 8 EI papers have been published.

Academic Exchanges

Mutual Visits

Since 2010, 31 scholars at home and abroad have visited the engineering center. 5 teachers and students visited University of California, San Diego and University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center. 31 faculty members attended 12 international academic conferences, and 13 of whom delivered reports on important international academic conferences.

Academic Conferences

On February 2015, renowned medical physicist-- Steve Jiang, together with his research team, was invited to “Southern Medical University-- University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center Seminar of Latest Developments in Auto-adaptive Radiotherapy”

Since April 2015, in association with Innovative Technological Strategic Union of Guangdong Medical Equipment Industry and Medical Equipment Specialized Commission of Guangdong Biomedical Engineering Committee, “Latest Developments in Medical Equipment” serial reports were held. On April 15, 2015, Prof. Chen Jun (from Sun Yat-sen University, the winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund) delivered an academic report in the engineering research center.

Intellectual Property Rights (Authorized after 2010)



Authorization Number


One Method for Signal Denoising and Signal Denoising Amplifier (Invention)



One Retrospective Categorization on Chest or Abdomen CT Image Based on Respiratory Phase (Invention)



X-ray Imaging Equipment and Imaging Methodology (Invention)



X-ray Imaging Equipment (Practical and Innovative Invention)



One Methodology on Reconstruction of Sparse Angle CT Image (Invention)



Electronic Medical History System Based on DICOM-RT Model (Software)



Adjusting Method for Annular Artifacts in Images (Invention)



Mobile Health Monitor Featured by Alarm over Stumbling (Practical and Innovative Invention)



Portable Health Monitoring Terminal Management Software (Software)



Household Health Monitoring Device Management Software (Software)



The engineering center is now negotiating with a listing corporation, hoping to raise funds and develop the center into an innovative research and development institution.